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June 30th, 2013, 08:47 PM
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Ladies, I could cry.


We pick up O and what is the first thing he tells us?

"Last night at 12 at night my mom was drinking wine. She went to the bathroom so I hid her wine and told her that I drank it. It was really funny."

So we ask him how many glasses she had.

"Oh just one, but then in the morning the bottle was empty and she told me she didn't want any more so she threw the rest away."

I am so livid. I am trying to hard to keep myself in control for him. I flat out said, "So shes drinking alcohol again?" and he got defensive and said, "Barely any, just a little bit."

We have a call in to a lawyer. We don't know what our possible actions are at this moment, but if nothing else, we need to be prepared. When she gets a boyfriend, she starts drinking, and it's only just a matter of time before she's passed out on the sidewalk again.

I told O I got him a journal to write in. I told him I want him to write how he is feeling and he can say whatever he wants in that journal and not feel like he is hurting anybodys feelings. He was excited about that. I am going to suggest he write in his journal about the funny trick he played on his mom.

EVERYTHING will be documented. From here on out, she better hope she doesn't mess up again. I am so angry so I am probably coming off really mean to her. But honestly, how can someone sit there and drink an entire bottle of wine while she has her child. Does she just like playing with fire?
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