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July 1st, 2013, 09:28 AM
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Mommywife08, and all the other mommas having trouble:

{{HUGS}} to all of you. I was there too. As a first time mom and older mom, I was utterly overwhelmed by the daunting task of having this tiny - noisy! Hungry! Cranky! - person I had just met being totally dependent on me for its survival. Add breast feeding difficulties and a lack of sleep, and it's a perfect recipe for PPD.

You did the right thing coming here to express your feelings. I second therapy (either with a therapist or coffee w/ friend!) and medication if your OB or midwife feels it's warranted.

For any new moms having difficulty breast feeding, I highly, highly suggest finding your local La Leche League and calling one of their leaders. I learned through them that sore nipples are a sign of a poor latch, and that can be corrected. My local group has 2 meetings a month, a weekly play group, and a Facebook group for moms to connect. If that's not a resource in your area, find a lactation consultant or a midwife who can help you. Google La Leche League International and KellyMom for resources. Also post your questions on the breast feeding board here.

Try to get out of the house w/ your baby (obviously more difficult if you have a toddler), even if it's just to the park or Target. Call a friend to come over and hold/watch the baby - or fold the laundry / clean the bathroom! - while you sleep. Have someone (Dad, in-laws, church group, etc.), arrange to bring in a couple of meals per week. If you can afford it, get a cleaning service, even if it's just once a month. My mom & step-mother bought six months of cleaning service for me as a birthday present after my DD was born. It was freaking fantastic.

CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful babies! You will be awesome super moms!
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