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July 1st, 2013, 09:38 AM
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We do not use time out a ton, but when we do, it's usually in the kitchen. Most of our living is done in the same floor. However, if we are somewhere else, I will put them in time out there, too, whether that be in public or in the basement playroom.

Also, they are old enough to understand delayed time outs. For an action that requires time out, or if it is repeated, we will tell the kids (Max is my sweetpea, 2.5, and Sam is almost 5) that when we get home (or where ever we are going) they will have a time out. After the time out, they are always asked why they got the time out, and they almost always know. Delaying has little effect on whether or not they remember the behavior they got in trouble for (usually it's if it's chaotic and a lot was going on so they aren't sure which behavior warranted the time out, so we always clarify, too).

That said, I typically use other, natural consequences. Skipping book/rocking because of procrastination at bed time is exactly what I would have done. If he throws a toy, he will not get it back. If they are misbehaving in public, we leave (of course, there are exceptions to that). If they are whining or fit throwing, we ignore them until they can talk nicely.
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