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July 1st, 2013, 12:57 PM
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Okay, so in april (april 27th to be exact) I was raped. I was on birth control and it only lasted about 20 seconds before i was able to push him off and he stopped. I can't remember if I skipped my period that month (by not going off the pills/allowing myself to bleed) or if I had one, but I know I took a pregnancy test a couple weeks later, just to be sure, and it was negative.

About a month later, middle/late May, I started dating my ex boyfriend again, we had been together for about 2 years before. We started having sex, probably shouldn't have but we did. May 22nd I got my period and was briefly in the hospital on May 24th for a kidney issue...they did a urine pregnancy test that came back negative as well as a cat scan with contrast (would this have shown an embryo/fetus or anything at that point if I had been pregnant from the april incident?)

Last week I missed my period and on June 26th found out I was about "3 1/2 weeks pregnant" according to the doctor. They did a blood test and my hcg was only at 29, then two days later was at they said it is pretty early on. They gave me an EDD of February 27th 2014 and said that they think the date of conception the week right after my period in May.

I know how silly this may sound, but I really am stressing out about it. I have a mild case of OCD and a lot of anxiety issues that cause me to excessively worry. I never told my current boyfriend about what happened, and I don't want to, I am just so scared he won't believe me. I have an appointment on the 10th for an ultrasound where I will find out an exact due date...but I am still so worried and stressed out. I have panic attacks about this frequently! And I know that isn't good either for the baby I just need some honest reassurance or something.

Is there ANY POSSIBLE WAY that this baby could be from the incident in April? Or would that make me way too far along to be where the doctors think I am. My period in May was completely normal. Would they have seen something on the cat scan they did at the hospital?

Any help is so appreciated!!
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