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July 1st, 2013, 02:02 PM
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In your case I am outraged that she is not only drinking again, but that she's drinking in front of O.

But in general, I have 0 issue with people drinking around their kids, or after they've gone to sleep. Just a personal ancedote... We were exposed to alcohol our whole lives... I was allowed to drink at home, so was my brother.. but my baby brother? At that point it was taboo.. wasn't allowed in the house. Guess which one of us abused alcohol? The baby. My friends who were shielded from alcohol were the ones who were more likely to binge drink later. L and I have discussed it, and we are both on the same wavelength concerning alcohol and Reme. Dh.. not so much... but that's likely because DH doesn't drink and doesn't enjoy a drink or two (unless in New Orleans).

I do have issues with those who abuse alcohol around their kids. A glass of wine or a jim and coke aren't the end of the world.. but that's not what happens in your life Jennifer... and I think you DO have a right to be incredibly concerned right now with her actions.
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