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July 1st, 2013, 04:26 PM
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Okaaaaay.... 11 DPO BFN.... not sure if AF is on her way or not.

Also, the bad news yesterday just turned out to be a really stupid rumor. Basically my sister is a transient... not gonna sugar coat it... she has some problems.... and her "boyfriend" is crazy and started spreading this rumor that she had some how died and these two guys she was hanging out with dumped her body somewhere so they wouldn't get blamed... my family ended up getting the police involved and everything.

Anyhow.... I spent the last two days wallowing, half believing this rumor because no one knew where she was or had seen her in 5 days. She finally checked in with my mom... so everything is back to normal. We just all want to beat the crap out of the "boyfriend" now...
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