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July 1st, 2013, 07:46 PM
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*hugs* Jen I always get heart broken when I see you doing more and more stuff just to try and get pregnant. It isn't fair.

I'm on CD 10.. no positive opk yet.. I expect it in the next 36 hours if I'm responding to the vitex like the last 2 times. I can feel the O headache coming on. I just hope it holds off until tomorrow.. that way I'm back down with DH. He asked for today off so he didn't have to get up earlier (he already gets up at 5am). I had to come home to snuggle the cat and get Reme so his step dad could go to work (didn't have enough notice to get a sitter, and his sitter's away this week anyway.

There've been a few more hints dropped on FB that my cousin might be pregnant. I swear if someone doesn't have the balls to tell me personally so I don't read about it in a status update in a few weeks I will absolutely lose my head. I already feel like the lost sheep as it is.. and I am the one who's had a dozen flipping miscarriages!
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