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July 1st, 2013, 10:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Keakie View Post
I'm really sorry, Jennifer. I can only imagine how scary that must be given the history here. Good luck with your call in! Let us know how it goes. Thinking of you guys and O.
Thank you. I find myself sitting here hoping she messes up and gets a dui or something this week so I dont have to worry about him next week. Then I feel mean and I hope she magically gets her act together for O.

Originally Posted by LifeToTheMax View Post
Oh Jennifer!! I'm so sorry that you are dealing with this and her actions again! First, I am glad that she was understanding enough to tell O that he didn't need to worry about hurting anyone's feelings or picking sides. I do think that was big of her, because DSD's BM does not do that (she purposely fills DSDs head with negative things about DH and his family).

However, I'm still appalled at her actions. I definitely think O has a point, that he chose to go with you guys early. I think he is at an age where he is old enough to have say in where he goes when.

As far as the drinking, that's just crazy!! Here's the thing, I was a single mom for a long time. Were there (VERY rare) nights that I put Max to bed and had a glass of wine? Sure! Have I had a drink in front of Max? Yes. However, I drink very little, very rarely. I have never had a problem with drinking. She HAS had an issue with drinking. O KNOWS that she has had an issue with drinking. I don't know her. I can't say that she can't have one glass of wine and be done at this point. BUT, she shouldn't put O in a position where he sees it. She doesn't have him 50% of the time, if she has to test her boundaries, she should test them then (or not at all). And I do hope that she is telling the truth about dumping the wine, I really do. I hope she realized what a bad decision it was. I hope that she didn't lie to O or that he didn't lie to you guys because he feels the need to cover for her.

I really hope this all gets worked out in your favor!! What I hate is that if the roles were reveresed and it was his dad, O would be gone from him so fast it isn't fair!
SO true. If Eric were testing his boundaries around O, she would pull him so fast.

I remember something she said when she FAILED a drug test, and Eric told her she no longer was able to have O overnight, per the court order.

"I'll take you to court and have that reversed. The judge won't care that I had ONE drink. I was proving to myself that I could. He just wants to make sure I'm not drinking alcoholically. he won't care about just ONE drink."

Not only was that BS, but she later admitted it was not just one drink, and that alcoholics are prone to relapse, and she can't have just ONE drink. Why should that be any different now?

Originally Posted by Zoes_Mommy View Post
Hate to hear all this has happened Hopefully things work out for you guys! Keeping you in my T&P
Thank you for your thoughts

Originally Posted by plan4fate View Post
In your case I am outraged that she is not only drinking again, but that she's drinking in front of O.

But in general, I have 0 issue with people drinking around their kids, or after they've gone to sleep. Just a personal ancedote... We were exposed to alcohol our whole lives... I was allowed to drink at home, so was my brother.. but my baby brother? At that point it was taboo.. wasn't allowed in the house. Guess which one of us abused alcohol? The baby. My friends who were shielded from alcohol were the ones who were more likely to binge drink later. L and I have discussed it, and we are both on the same wavelength concerning alcohol and Reme. Dh.. not so much... but that's likely because DH doesn't drink and doesn't enjoy a drink or two (unless in New Orleans).

I do have issues with those who abuse alcohol around their kids. A glass of wine or a jim and coke aren't the end of the world.. but that's not what happens in your life Jennifer... and I think you DO have a right to be incredibly concerned right now with her actions.
I hate to be concerned just solely based off the past, but it's what shes given us to work with, ya know. In OUR situation, her drinking leads to her neglecting O and putting him in danger. Will a judge see that now? Is it a gamble we are willing to take?
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