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July 1st, 2013, 10:48 PM
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My morning sickness has improved a ton. I still feel nauseous for a few hours everyday but I'm down to getting sick only one time a week or less. I'm still hungry all the time which I'm trying to be careful of what I eat so my Dr doesn't freak out at me during my next appointment because I gained another 1 lb or 2... because you know that would be the end of the world!!

Constipation is still a big issue. I'm up to eating 5+ prunes a day and still occasionally getting a difficult BM (sorry if that's too much info). I had 2 hemorrhoids left from my last pregnancy and unfortunately they are already getting bigger and hurting again. I just can't catch a break with these nasty rhoids!! I plan on getting them removed shortly after this baby is born because I just can't deal with it anymore!!! It hurts too bad and I've been dealing with them for way too long now!! I hate it!! They just wont go away and I've used every cream and wipe on the market

I get a pain in my stomach on my left side sometimes that hurts really badly. It feels like a pinched nerve. It's a sharp pain and usually happens when I'm just standing up, or when I'm bending over. I get the painful sensation on both my left and right side when I sneeze which is torture but it doesn't last very long. I'm not sure what it is but my Dr said it's normal. Oh yes how could I forget?? -- I've been breaking out really bad around my chin. It's like I'm going through puberty again and it does NOT make me feel attractive at all. I even got a random pimple on my stomach which I have never had before. Oh the joys of motherhood

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