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July 2nd, 2013, 01:15 AM
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Thank you everyone. I had my hopes up so high and now I feel like idk what to do. My DH doesn't get it... He's not upset, he just says "it will happen!". That doesn't make me feel better, because I know without O it's not going to happen. I'm not against medical assistance. I just hope my dr will listen to me and let me take provera and clomid next cycle. I hope she doesn't make me wait months and months longer.

We are going to see my DHs dad in August. I so wanted to be pregnant by then so we could surprise them. We never see them ugh

Sorry I'm being depressing. It's just how I feel right now...

Originally Posted by Lucy S. View Post
yes for 5-6dpo it would have been higher Odds are you have not O'ed... How long are your cycles typically?
Temping could give you that answer too... That's why it's hard with just OPKs because we see many ladies convinced they O'ed but in reality they only geared up to.

{{{hugs}}} It seems scary but getting medical assistance is so much easier than you think! I hope it all works out soon for you!
I don't know how long my cycles are. I've had to start every cycle with provera since getting off bcp in feb. I was just hoping I would be regulated this cycle. I had taken soy and I hit my 6 month mark
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