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July 2nd, 2013, 07:57 AM
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I told my girls right away (7 and 6). We have mentioned it to my 2 year old but he doesn't understand just yet. If he touches my belly, I say there's a baby in there. He repeats this but we have no idea how much he understands.

For someone younger than 4, they won't begin to understand even a bit till you are showing. Once you get bigger or you get an ultrasound pic (the one that actually looks like a baby) it won't start to sink in.

You'll have to explain a lot with younger kids. If you know someone else who is very pregnant, point her out to your kids a few times. After the baby is born, go see it and explain that is the baby that was in the moms tummy. If you don't know anyone, point to a stranger who is pregnant and explain that they have a baby in there tummy too. Eventually you will get big like that too.

As for how to actually announce it, when you sit down your bigger kid(s), include your little one(s) to. Announce as you would for the bigger kid. See what the younger kid does if he or she asks questions or says nothing. If he asks questions or seems interested, talk simply with him or her. If the young one seems uninterested, doesn't understand or care, leave it for now and revisit it when you start getting bigger. Or if you are having symptoms (like puking) you want to let your kids know that you are okay, you are not feeling well because you are pregnant, and growing a baby inside you (aka little sister or brother) but that you will be okay.

If you ONLY have a young child, just wait until you start showing, he/she overhears others talking about it or they start asking questions (depending on age.) a 3 year old will take notice before a 1 year old will.
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