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July 2nd, 2013, 08:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Stepmom2Be View Post
Thank you. I find myself sitting here hoping she messes up and gets a dui or something this week so I dont have to worry about him next week. Then I feel mean and I hope she magically gets her act together for O.
I don't think that makes you a mean person. You want him to be safe, and at this point it's more likely that that will happen because she'll do something stupid to remove herself from his life again than it's likely that it will happen because she'll commit to being healthy.

I hate to be concerned just solely based off the past, but it's what shes given us to work with, ya know. In OUR situation, her drinking leads to her neglecting O and putting him in danger. Will a judge see that now? Is it a gamble we are willing to take?
That's tough to say. I would certainly bring it up with the lawyer. We've had a glass of wine together while my dsc have been over, but neither of us have struggled with alcoholism at any point, it truly is one glass each and it's almost always after they're already in bed (although that's largely because that's the only point at which we can really sit and enjoy it more so than being afraid of them seeing alcohol we're fine with providing an example of healthy alcohol consumption). There's a lot more to it than that with this person, though, and I don't believe someone who has recently struggled with addiction should be testing their boundaries in any capacity. It's hugely risky, and for what? A buzz? Is it worth taking the risk of relapse for that "one" drink, all by yourself? Especially with her only child in the mix? Stupid.

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