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July 2nd, 2013, 08:14 AM
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I've been totally MIA for the past week and a half. I had a weekend to myself away in Nashville, with my sisters, and I felt sooo relaxed after staying off of the internet. I decided to not get on here at all, because the moment I did I would feel the stress again.

I don't think I do well using the forums during my TWW. It just aggravates my anxiety, and I've been so much calmer this time around. I didn't even really feel the temptation to test.

I'm sorry. I hope there are no hard feelings. I just needed to get away.

With that said, AF is due tomorrow. I'm really hoping this is it for me, because my breasts hurt so badly. Like worse than ever. They've been hurting for about a week, and they are huge. Also, the weirdest thing. But I was drinking water the other night and I thought it was disgusting (metallic tasting) ... I figured I needed to change our PUR filter. So I got a new one. I had more water Saturday night and it still tasted like crap. I told DH that I was going to dump the ice, and I thought that's what it was. Nothing ever crossed my mind that it could just be me, until yesterday. I was drinking water at the office. Totally different ice, totally different water. It tasted the same, like metal aftertaste. This morning my coffee was hard to get down. I felt like I was drinking coins.

So here's to hoping and praying that AF doesn't show up tomorrow. DH is making me wait to test until Thursday. I have to say that I've remained calm until this morning. But now I'm starting to feel pretty anxious.

I'll still get on here over the next two days, but I'm going to try not to be on too heavily so I can relax. I hope you ladies can understand.
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