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July 2nd, 2013, 09:27 AM
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7 weeks, 0 days

Symptoms: The nausea is out of control! I've finally started puking. It seems to be triggered more by weird smells than anything else. My breasts are mega tender... occasionally I'll get shooting pains that radiate through them. It's kind of annoying.
Weight: -4 lbs
Cravings: Pickles (so stereotypical, I know... but they satisfy this need for cool, crunchy, salty goodness) and plain whole wheat pasta
Aversions: Bread and chicken
Baby Update: This week, baby will start looking more baby-like and less blob-like. That makes me so excited for the next ultrasound!!!
DH Update: DH is so sweet to me... always making sure I'm comfortable and is so willing to help me find food that I will be able to eat. He's already gained 2 lbs... I'm pretty sure that it's already because he's finishing the meals that I can't.
Appointments: Later today, we will stop and have my blood pressure checked. Hopefully it's alright. It helps that I'm not as nervous.... but I know the crazy consumption of salty pickles isn't going to help anything! Then next week, we'll have an 8 week ultrasound.

We've started planning for baby expenses. We are going to get gift cards every time we go to Wal-Mart or Target. We'd love to start actually buying baby supplies now, but it's hard to know what we'll need. Since this is the first grandbaby on both sides and first great-grandbaby on DH's side, we have a feeling that family will want to be helping however they can. So if we have a good stock of gift cards, we'll be able to buy what we need when we need it without straining our checking account!

Other news: Our garden is producing!!!! We've harvested 2 zucchinis and 3 cucumbers thus far. We have at least a dozen more of each sitting on the plants. Plus, we have blooms on our peas, beans, melons, tomatoes, and even a few on our peppers.

Thanks for checking in on me, Ashley and Elle!
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