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July 2nd, 2013, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Excited_mommy View Post
I just think it would be neat to be pregnant at the same time. Someone who can easily relate to what your going through not only during pregnancy but also afterwords. And then your babies would be close in age and that would make for fun play dates. But I completely understand wanting to give them the attention they probably will desire and at the same time wanting the support from your family. But the chances are you probably won't be having babies within a couple weeks of each other. It would probably end up being atleast a month difference.. But I agree that there is no wrong answer.. Go with what makes you most at ease.

I think if it were her second (or subsequent) pregnancy, I'd LOVE to be pregnant at the same time. It would be super fun But with it being her first, I really want it to be special for her. I know that within weeks is hard to do, but for me, even 1-3 months in either direction would be tough. I'd rather be 4-6 months behind her, I think Either way, I know it's totally impossible to plan Just something I'm thinking about before DH and I jump the gun and start TTC
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