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July 2nd, 2013, 01:48 PM
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First off if you haven't signed up for the second go-around please do so in the master thread:

We have 4 participants up to now, Leslie, Hillarie, myself, and Catlin.

I am starting to think about new daily tasks.

What I have come up with so far is a 10-question questionnaire on one of the days. The questions will be random and unrelated to each other but will be open questions which you can answer in as much detail and depth as you choose to reveal more about yourself. You can answer the questions in any style you wish, long or short, as a piece of prose or poetry, whatever you like.

On another of the days, bucket list as I believe we didn't do a bucket list on the last go-around.

I am trying to think of an inventive way of doing Monday introduction, because some members will be doing it for the first time, but for those who are not it would be boring to just post a straight intro again. I did think about introduce yourself through the six senses (the sixth being psychic!) but got a bit stuck on smell and taste lol. For sight, a picture; for sound, a quote, saying or phrase you live by; for feeling, an emoticon display of the typical emotions/personalities/moods you cycle through in a week; for sixth/psychic sense, what spiritual abilities or knowledge you are currently developing or would like to. Like I say smell and taste I'm a bit stumped?

I would also like to think of a new way of other members interacting with the SSOTW rather than questions which we did last time, if anyone can suggest anything that would be fab. I did wonder about other members setting a short swift spiritual task for the week - maybe based on what they are working on at present - and the SSOTW reporting back on it at the end of the week instead of question Friday (or even later, however long it takes to fit in the task). Not sure how practicable it would be though. And then we would still need a fifth set task if anyone can think of one.

Any input appreciated!

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