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July 2nd, 2013, 06:43 PM
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Good question. Like you said before, this happens very rarely but it is possible. I'm assuming that you would wait it out just like a regular pregnancy so two weeks and you should get your positive. I mean, if you conceived right after your period then the egg is still fertilized and it still implants within 7 to 12 days afterwards. And like any other person, I guess you could test early and get a positive or be late getting your positive. To be honest, I'm no doctor and I can't say for sure this is right. However, being pregnant right after a period or two weeks after, I would think, shouldn't alter the time you have to wait to get your positive. So if I were you and you think you are pregnant, test after two weeks. If you get a negitive, wait it out a few more days and test again.

I know this isn't exactly helpful but at least it's a suggestion outside of the normal response from the internet. And I wish you luck! Here's to that positive I hope you get!
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