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July 2nd, 2013, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Mummy2aprincess_x View Post
Hi mine has been the same in June, I got my hightest surge CD17 for the first ever I had actually felt ovulation occurring which made me take the test as im usually between CD19-CD21.

We DTD that afternoon and night, the next day my surge took a dip exactly like yours which made me believe I O the day before.

AF due Friday and I have all the signs of conceiving this month, EXTREMELY sore boobs, moodiness, tiredness, peeing a lot fingers are crossed this is it as we've been trying for almost a year for our 2nd Best of luck to you hope this is the month for the both of us!!
Ahh FX for you!

We have only been married since March, so only our 4th month of real real trying. Though I went off the pill in January.

The timing would be amazing if we got pregnant this month as I would have the baby, have 12 weeks maternity leave, and then be on summer break from work! (I work in a school,) so hoping something stuck!
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