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July 2nd, 2013, 09:58 PM
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This may be a little bit of a rant...

I was either in September or August DDC, maybe another, I'll blame not remembering on pregnancy brain. There was a lady that had pre-e, and she had to be hospitalized. Ended up giving birth very early. She was full of medications to try and help her condition, and she had a failed epidural. Baby came out, and she felt the pain. But unless I read it wrong, she did not have a "natural birth" because she had to be on medication for pre-e and induction.

That makes me really mad. I had 3 failed epidurals with my second, and I felt everything. It hurt so much! My doctor fisted my newly stitched vagina. It hurt to pee for a week cause even that ripped. The only thing I could take away from the horrible experience of pushing that child out was that I had one of those natural childbirths that all those crazy women actually want. I had a tiny bit of womanly honor there. I felt the pain, and I rocked childbirth. Literally, like a heavy metal band's "singing."

But now it's not "natural." As far as I'm concerned, if you feel the pain, you are a natural childbirth mama. If your cesarean starts to hurt in the middle of it, f*ck it, that's natural, too. When did natural go from delivering vaginally to having to meet a list of qualifications?

Did you get medications during labor?
Failed pain management?
Induced to save your life but still feel that baby ripping apart your hoohoo?

I mean, honestly! Why do women make things so difficult on each other? You don't get to be in the elite unless you are pushing that baby out in the middle of a lake or bathtub or stream or something. And then you still aren't unless you're out in the fields the next day! BTW, I think that's a lie. I am willing to bet women in those fields get a few days off.

There's probably more to it, but I am full of too much pregnancy rage to read further.
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