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July 2nd, 2013, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Spyctre View Post
I mean, honestly! Why do women make things so difficult on each other? You don't get to be in the elite unless you are pushing that baby out in the middle of a lake or bathtub or stream or something. And then you still aren't unless you're out in the fields the next day! BTW, I think that's a lie. I am willing to bet women in those fields get a few days off.

Natural childbirth is another term for vaginal delivery, afaict.

Whether you get pain meds is another matter entirely. If your pain meds wear off while you're delivering; guess what? You didn't have pain meds! Amazing how simple this is.

My mom had an extra-strength tylenol and then squeezed out her two kids with no interventions whatsoever. That's pretty natural if you ask me, but then again, any medicine is natural. We evolved to use it. The goal is to survive and make more of you, after all.

My husband and I both have pretty big heads and so did my daughter and the ex I had her with. I'm a puny 5'3". If the way I survive to reproduce again is that I scrape together the resources to pay highly educated professionals to get that child safely out and stitch me up again, then I've won the game just as well as anyone else - the way I see it anyway.

All this BS competition between women for ... whatever the hell - beauty, wealth, vaginal expansion (?!?!) whatever - it's all ridiculous. Someone the other day said it's designed to distract us and keep us from being competitors in the boys club of corporate/professional America. I thought that was an interesting perspective, if a bit cynical - but hey, there may be some truth there.

Anyway, good rant, Spyctre. I'll give my computer screen a high five now.

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