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July 2nd, 2013, 11:07 PM
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Although my decisions are on the extreme side of the childbirth spectrum (attempting a homebirth), they are just that MY DECISIONS. If you want an epi, demural, etc. go for it! The only time I talk out against something is when mama's are trying to get their doctors to induce (for non-medical reasons) early or saying they want a c-section because it would be more convenient or easier (again for non-medical reasons, this does not include repeat c-sections since there is a risk involved in VBACS that some mom's don't feel comfortable taking).

My point is I don't judge people for going to a hospital and having an epi, so I hate it when I am judged for wanting to stay at home and chill in my bathtub lol. It's your experience, do it your way. As long as mom and baby are healthy in the end and you are not making decisions that could risk your babies health for your own selfish reasons then go for it.

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