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July 3rd, 2013, 04:14 AM
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Oh it's very possible. My last cycle began on March 22. I have 7 day cycles that are 29 days apart. I typically ovulate on CD 15 and I know this because I use OPK's. Well last cycle ended on March 29th. I know this for sure because we were driving home from Florida and I was so relieved it was over! We had not DTD all week while on my cycle plus we were visiting DH's Nana with 6 kids and his mother... In a 2 bedroom condo lol! So, we finally arrived home on Saturday the 30th... No sex that night. The next day was Easter Sunday, march 31... CD9. We DTD that night not thinking about conceiving or anything because my cycle just ended. I should have had another 6 days at least before ovulation. I hadn't even gotten my OPK's for that week because after 4 losses we decided not to try anymore. Well the next day I noticed EWCM but dismissed it as "leftovers." I went to Walmart and saw the OPK's so I thought I would grab A couple. Possible EWCM and I never used that brand OPK. Got home about 11am, took the OPK and it was blazing positive! WHAT?! CD 10 and a positive OPK?? So I took another at about 6pm... Negative... Very negative. Of course, I thought the OPK'S were no good. How could I get a positive on CD10?! That was April 1. I tested on April 11, 10 DPO If the OPK was right and I did ovulate.... And the First Response test was positive. Here I am almost 15 weeks!!! YES IT CAN HAPPEN!!! Sorry for the long story, but I wanted you to get the full picture so you would know that it can happen! Good luck and let us know when you test!
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