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July 3rd, 2013, 04:20 AM
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I just wanted to try and put your mind at rest by telling you my experience,

we went for our 20 week 1 day scan and the HC was 159 and was below the 5th, the fl and ac were much higher but below the 50th, we arranged for a followup scan 2 weeks later, ofcorse i panicked and googled myself with worry and although many forums said that it will be fine, i almost convinced myself that my baby would have a problem and i didnt really enjoy the pregnancy with worrying.

2 weeks later the HC measured 185 and was on the exact same line as the 1st scan at around the 4th centile, the nurse didnt seem worried and it eased my concern slightly,

Fast forward 4 months and on the 21st June our daughter was born and her head was 32cm again on the 3rd/4th centile and she is just fine weighing it at 6lbs 1oz, i measured her hc yesterday and its gone up to 33cm so i think she will just stay on the 3 - 5th centile line and have a slightly smaller head all her life.

I know that my words probably wont help you but i signed up to this forum today just so i could tell you that all the worrying i did and you are doing is unnecessary,

the head is the hardest thing to accurately scan,

please PM me if you want a chat

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