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July 3rd, 2013, 05:57 AM
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She is destroying my nipples. We fight over how she is going to latch, and sometimes I just give in. (I know, bad of me)

My nipples are red and cracked in some places. I've tried to switch to the pump for a few days, but that darn thing hurts too! She is going through a growth spurt too and always wants to be on the tit, which is making it even worse.

I have a fussy cranky baby. She is nothing like my easy quiet boys. When she is awake, she is angry. What in the world does she have to be so angry about anyway?

And maybe I have the baby blues setting in because she is always so fussy and always wants to be with me, I'm getting overwhelmed, I just want to get her off me. I know that sounds terrible!

I produce SO MUCH milk. Everytime she fusses, I just make more too. I could be feeding 3 babies with all this milk.

I mentioned to my husband once that I was considering switching to formula and he gave me the biggest guilt trip ever. Now everytime he feeds her a bottle of breast milk, he talks to her in front of me using the voice he reserves for babies only about how good mommy's milk is, and how she can feel the wrinkles in her brain forming and making her smarter and stronger and blah blah blah.

This is what I get for asking him to read books about babies back when Sebastian was born. Now he is the breast milk know-it-all.

He is laying it on real thick. I makes me feel like poop that I want to quit.

I'm hoping this rough patch will pass and I'm gonna buy a nipple shield and see if that helps. I enjoyed breastfeeding my boys. I really did. I never expected to have a problem this time around.

I hope I can make it through this long enough for my nipples to heal and her latch to work itself out. Cause I really don't want to quit. I really really don't.


I saw the lactation consultant. I thought her tongue was just milk stained, but it turns out, we both have thrush. I am sad we both have thrush, but I'm also glad that it is something that can be fixed easily enough and I feel like this isn't hopeless anymore and we can fix this and get on with our breastfeeding. Hopefully this is the reason she is also so fussy and can go back to being a content happy baby.

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