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July 3rd, 2013, 07:00 AM
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My first two were born with epidurals that worked, my third was with a failed epidural, 4 & 5 were c-section (twins) and I remember the spinal being the most horrible thing ever, much worse than an epidural. Then I chose to have my sleeping son with zero pain meds, I wanted any and all memories of him that I could possibly get. This time I will either have another c-section (really hoping that's not the case) or I will have a vag delivery possibly with IV pain meds.

We are all different, our bodies all react to pain differently. I don't think anyone should judge anyone else for our choice in how to handle OUR deliveries. IMHO, a natural childbirth only involves the baby being born vaginally. If you choose pain meds, then that is your choice. It doesn't make you less of a woman or a mother... SMH

Some women just love drama and will stir it up at any given opportunity.

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