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July 3rd, 2013, 08:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Lotsakids View Post
Natural childbirth is called that because that is what it is. Natural. No interventions, no drugs.

It's not a label made to attack women or make them feel bad any more than the 'label' cesearean section, or 'highly medicalised, or 'lotus' birth for that matter. It is just a description, it's NOT a judgement.

Personally I don't care. I really don't. And I don't understand someone (for example,) a woman who got induced & then an epi getting upset because it doesn't fit the label of 'natural birth.'
Yes it is a 'vaginal' birth, but no, it's not a 'natural birth.'

I feel 'good' about every single one of my births outcome wise because they brought me my children. I've had some totally natural births, some that have had minor intervention, & my last was high intervention & far from natural even though she still came out of my chi chi. Awesome birth. Far from 'natural.'
Just lurking...but I agree with this. Natural is just a descriptive word of not using meds. I do know however, that there are some women out there that judge based on ANYTHING you do in regards to your pregnancy, birth, child raising...that's just how they are. You just gotta learn to not give a heck about what they think.

Personally, I strived to go through my whole pregnancy as natural as possible. I wasn't going to take any meds...not drink any coffee, I was going to birth without pain meds and have no inductions..blah blah blah.

When it came down to it, I ended up with hydronephrosis during my pregnancy. That meant that 3 times, I had to be put under anesthetic and have surgery while pregnant. I had to be shot up with morphine.. there went my pure, healthy, untainted pregnancy.

Then, due to the stress of those medical issues, my daughter was IUGR. I had to be induced a little early (which I swore I'd never do)....again, there goes my promise to never get induced.

While labouring, things went so fast that I didn't realize I was progressing so fast and thought there was no way I'd get I had gas, nubain and an epi. lol

The point to my rambling is that I am 100% happy that things went the way they did. I went into pregnancy and labour educated and aware of what each option could bring. I made educated decisions. I would never let anyone else's opinion make me feel bad about what I decided to do. I am to this day, 100% satisfied with my birth experience. I hope that my next can go just as well, especially if I have to experience the same complications again. I feel blessed that my daughter is here and healthy and happy

Sure, I will try again to go natural if I am blessed with another pregnancy some day, but I will not dwell on the fact that my original plan with my first birth didn't work out. I don't get mad if people don't consider my labour or birth natural...because it wasn't. I don't feel judged.


Hopefully I didn't over step my boundaries with posting this, but I just wanted to let you know that you should take other people's opinions with a grain of salt. If you're educated and making your own educated decisions, that's what counts!
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