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July 3rd, 2013, 08:07 AM
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I could of wrote this about dd when she was born! She cried and was horriable pretty much anytime she was awake it was horriable and I was so nervous and had a hard time even getting excited about the new baby because of how much I went thru with dd! My nipples hurt so bad with her that I would dread to even nurse her ..what I done was took a squirt bottle of warm water and leaned over sink and ran warm water over my nipples for a min or 2 then use lasinoh cream before id nurse eachtime it seemed to relieve the pain a little I even used. Small ice packs on them too.. I know they say not to but if u r producing tons of milk I don't think it would hurt your supply! I never could pump because it'd just pull open the cracks in my nipples and make them bleed and hurt worse.. it took a month or better before my nipples were healed up.. she was my 3 rd nursing baby and never had I had nipple pain that bad! It will get better I promise! I know it seems it will never end but just hang in there mama!

Also the lasinoh gel pads are pretty good I used those too.. you can get [email protected] drugstores or walmart they help sooth the burning pains with sore nipples!

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