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July 3rd, 2013, 11:01 AM
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You guys remember the issue's I have had with my neighbors right?

Well they got a dog a couple of months ago, and at first if I saw the dog (it's little, not sure what it is though) and my dog outside I'd go and get him cause I was unsure of how he would react, but they are kinda friends so I don't really react anymore.

Last week the dog came up to the house, she joked about buying an obedience book but the dog not following the rules. Then said she doesn't mind when my dog and her dog play, it was just that she had somewhere to go. I don't want the dog all the way up here though cause Mo isn't the friendliest and Layla I don't think would do anything except maybe in her hyperness.

Today though it was their goat, April, Spy seemed fine but I had him on a leash because the other neighbors were out walking and Spy was barking at them. No aggression, just barking. It took me 45 minutes to convince April to go home. We used food and a leash, which she wasn't fond of the leash and she was being very stubborn. They weren't home, so I put her in her pen, but I'm gonna leave a note letting them know that she keeps coming up here.

I'm irritated cause they don't seem to offer us the same hospitality as I do them, and yet I'm not gonna take that out on their animals.

One funny though, when Layla saw the goat she cowered, she clearly remembers the goat head butting her many, many times lol
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