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July 3rd, 2013, 12:29 PM
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I totally get where you're coming from. I love the idea of natural birth. I have several girlfriends that use to be doula's, a current friend that is one, and a SIL that wants to become one. I love crunchy granola but sometimes that crowd can be very judgmental.

I have been torn as to have a doula during our birth for this very reason. Due to having such severe asthma & heart palpitations my doctors wants pains meds to be used to try to not set off my lungs during delivery - I dont want to feel like a doula would be sitting there judging me for it. Or if I have to have a c-section with all the issues I've had with this polyp. I have seen woman put their baby at risk because they have pregnancy complications, but come hell or high water by golly they're going to screw modern medicine, even at the risk of their baby. Good for you, but I wont put my life and health at risk, nor that of my baby, just so I can carry a badge of honor saying I had a home birth or a natural birth. And it pisses me off to be judged for this. I've had the natural folks tell me I can control my health issues if I switched to a grain free diet. I've had people private message me on facebook asking if I've tried essential oils. I use to do almost all natural until I started having health issues over a year ago, all the natural crap didnt phase it. Its like asking someone with a broken leg to not walk on it. I'm so over people asking "have you tried this or that?" and giving me looks like I'm awful because I have to do a hospital birth. Or woman saying you're not in touch with yourself if you dont have an orgasm during birth. Eesh, and these same folks say Christians ram their views down their throats - folks what the heck do you think you're doing?? Yeah, raming your "religious" views of birth down my throat.

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