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July 3rd, 2013, 12:33 PM
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Here's the thing though: the idea of "Natural" being some amazing and beautiful, clearly defined thing is just silliness plain and simple. Who here is qualified to stand in judgement, point at people's birthstories, and proclaim "oh that was natural, and that wasn't, and that wasn't, but that was"?

The fact is every one of us who has access to this internet board also has access to emergency care if our ideal precious so-called natural deliveries go horribly wrong, which happens all the time. I'm not going to stand here and take people down and say it's not natural *enough* to squeeze out a baby in a bathtub in your nice suburban home in a first world country, because you weren't in a dirt-floored hut in rural Brazil, attended by your tribe's elders. That would be a jerk-assed thing for me to do.

It's SIMILARLY jerk-assed to tell someone whose epi wore off that her birth didn't qualify as sufficiently natural. Or - hypothetically - a woman who suffered an injury to her spine such that she never felt a thing but otherwise delivered without intervention. Or a woman who took a tylenol. I mean, seriously, there is such a huge spectrum of ways these things can go and turn out, none among us has the right or authority to stand there with some red tape and tell other women which side of it they stand on.

I'm tired of this birth shame nonsense, and there's no doubt in my mind that it is severely damaging to the women and children who are subjected to the social repercussions of it. When you've done all you bloody can over the course of many days to squeeze a child out of your back end, and the choice you have is either to die and take your child with you or accept some pervasive and permanent sense of failure for how you've survived the experience, society is Doing It Wrong, and this garbage needs to stop now. Describe your birth experience however you want, and take pride in it, and seriously - screw anyone who thinks its their business to tell you what's what. You're alive, and you've reproduced. You've won the game.

And those are my very bright and shiny two cents on the matter. You're welcome.

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