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July 3rd, 2013, 12:46 PM
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Your Summer Life:
If your summer 2013 had a soundtrack what songs would be on it?
For once in my life I'm not sure if I actually have a soundtrack this summer. Not getting chance to listen to much music!

Your Life Experience:
Who is someone from the past you're sorry you lost track of?
To some degree I agree with you on this one Terri. But I am sorry I'm not still in touch with Misty (Misty_X) - some ladies will know who I mean.

Your Spiritual Life:
In what way are you superstitious?
I believe that certain numbers are lucky, for me 13 and 22, just from experience. I also have a thing about magpies. But on the whole I think a lot of old superstitions are untrue.

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