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July 3rd, 2013, 01:08 PM
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With my first, I only felt contractions until about 4-5 cm and then the epidural kicked in (after two doses - first did not take) and I could not feel a thing. It was great! I pushed her out in under five minutes!

Second one, I had a lighter epidural at around 5-7 cm, still felt mild contractions and by the time it came to push, I felt EVERYTHING!!! I was not prepared and was really shocked. I pushed her out in under five minutes as well. Then she came out, and I cried from the pain.

With this one, I am getting an epidural and I want the button for more meds in my hand at all times, lol. I don't mind early labor contractors, even though with pitocin they hurt, I kinda like it. Makes me feel like I am really in labor, but once it gets bad, I want to be pain free!

This will be my third induction, third kid, and I am fine with it. Inductions work great for me. I have 6 hour labors, push for less than 5 and the pain for the most part was manageable. I loved both my labors and hope this one is just as good (although a little less painful than the second)! I know things could be totally different this time as each labor and delivery is unique, but I am hoping it will be similar.

Oh and when people act like they are better for doing it without pain meds or for not being induced and going into labor naturally, I just ignore them. It is just them being arrogant and ignorant and whatever.

I think people should have the birth they want and call it a day - after all the most important thing IS that mom and baby make it through delivery okay.

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