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July 3rd, 2013, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by LifeToTheMax View Post
I would definitely talk to the lawyer, for sure. Hopefully they will have good advice to guide you. I know there is no easy answer, for sure
Yeah it's tough.

Last night, O was really tired, we had been at the water park all day. He was fighting with his cousin, who stays here during the weeks we have him. It was only like 10:30 but he was getting an attitude. We told him even though he's tired and cranky that doesn't mean he can be mean to his cousin. Then he just broke down and said, "I just want to spend more time with you guys. Why can't I just spend more time with you guys?" And cried for like 10 minutes. We had just spent the ENTIRE day together, as a family, at the water park, going down all the slides together. I just really wish we could figure out what's going on. We might try to talk to him again this week and approach it as, "We can tell something is going on. You keep saying you want to be here and not your moms house. If something is going on there, hiding it won't make it go away. Telling an adult will help them be able to fix it." And then just list every adult he knows and ask if he feels comfortable talking to any of them about it.

I'm just running out of ideas.

The counselor won't see O unless BM is on board too. We can't risk her knowing we think somethings up right now.
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