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July 3rd, 2013, 02:34 PM
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I dont really know what I do lol. At this age I expect them not to listen, to tell me no to everything if they're in that mood and to throw fits over small things. I dont have to deal with that a lot because my kid is fairly easy going but it does happen. I think that what I mostly try to do is to respond to them and control the situation.

Example: toda DD2 was colouring a plate and would not stop when I told her not to repeately. I removed both the plate and the colour and she moved onto something else less distructive. She knew I did not approve of what she was doing, she was testing how far she could go with it. I dont think she needed any punishment for not listening. She was pushing boundaries and saw that she did not get very far with it.

As for hissy fits, I figure that a lot of them are about venting frustration over not getting their way. I think it is all right for a kiddo to express themselves and once they calm down we'll talk. We dont have too many of those so I suppose those with frequent tantrum kiddos might have a different opinion. Just tonight my 5 year old was having an issue with wanting a cup that had been purposfully put away. She screamed and howled a bit. I took her into my lap, originally because I thought she might have hit her head trying to get her cup though. After a while the cries lessened and she started trying to order me to do her bidding. That got her nowhere and after a while she said she wants to eat. She starts misbehaving when she gets hungry (and will often say she is not hungry which is because she doesnt feel always hunger so strongly until she starts acting up). This probably took us longer than 5 minute time out + hugs and kisses would have but to me it felt more constructive. She had her tantrum, she tried to get her way and she didnt. She noticed her problem and went to fix it.

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