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July 3rd, 2013, 04:14 PM
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We had every intention for DD to be present as much as she felt comfortable. In the end she wasn't there when the baby was actually born, but she rode with us in the car and our birth center has a playroom for the big sibs. I was 9cm when I arrived so I was focused on her at all. DH basically left her in the playroom, someone turned on a DVD for her at some point (<20 minutes was still in previews when DH got her). I can't remember if she came in before or after the placenta, but I know I was still in the water. She saw it bloody and said "Ewwww" she went back to hang with her uncle until I was out of the water.

All I'd say is whatever they see they will repeat! It's fun when DD says, "yeah, my mom was sitting in bloody water after my sister was born" or "my sister was born in the pool." Espcially the second one to a friend her age who thinks a literal pool that you go swimming in. LOL! BUT, all it all it was a very memorable experience for her and something to counter more traditional births. I'd do it all again.

In the moment she didn't distract me at all! I was so zoned into breathing and working through each contraction. She could have been playing with fire and I probably wouldn't have bat an eye.
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