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July 3rd, 2013, 04:42 PM
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Eh, they can all go jump off a bridge

ok just kidding... but really....

For me, the *only* reason I considered a natural birth with my first was because I was surrounded by women that only had those types of births. My mom had 6 c-sections, but she was 1400 miles away. Everyone I was in the same town with was always raving how it was the ONLY way to go. Regardless that deep down I thought they were all crazy. When it came time, my body went into hyper mode and couldn't focus at all so I got the epi and it was *amazing*. Never regretted it.

The second time, I went right in with the idea that I was gonna get the epi, but it was mostly because I had a 2nd degree tear the first time and I couldn't stand the idea of stitching up no meds. I ended up not tearing at all.

With my 17 week induction I only got stadol and I held that off as long as possible. They recommended I get the epi the whole time. The only reason I felt I needed the stadol was because even though it felt contraction-like, there was no rest between them. So while it wasn't awful pain, just the non-stop pain sent me over the edge. My reason for not getting the epi was because I didn't want to be stuck at a hospital without my baby any longer than I had too... so the physical pain seemed soooo minor compared to the emotional pain of sitting there with empty arms listening to other babies down the hall.

This time.... I'm kinda hoping for a natural. I'm totally a "why put yourself through the pain when their is relief" type of person, but my main reason is because I really want to be up and around as soon as possible rather than waiting for the epi to wear off. And it's just something different. And I really want to see what this water birth stuff is all about. Of course it will all depend on where exactly we will be by the time Jude is here... but right now my birth plan is as follows:

Healthy momma and baby.

And really that's all that matters.

Giving birth, no matter what way, is a super power and no one should make you feel like it's anything less. You rock girl!
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