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July 3rd, 2013, 06:03 PM
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What's the game telephone? I haven't hard of that one.

I agree with what has already been said. We make so many decisions, either intentionally or unintentionally through our actions that we effect most of what goes on around us.

I think of my Dad as a good example, my Dad is a very argumentative person, he likes to bicker and he will pick at you until you start arguing with him over the most ridiculous things (one I remember from when I was a teenager was the existence of avocado sushi rolls, he argued with me for hours saying that these did not exist, so that level of ridiculous things, it's referenced a fair bit between my Mum, brother and I now, whenever he is doing something unreasonable and it is upsetting one of us we just smile and say "Don't worry, we'll go out and have some avocado sushi").
Anyway, I used to bite back and as a result our entire relationship was arguing over silly things, eventually I was just tired of it and I decided not to respond to him, so, of course, one cannot argue with themselves.
I eventually realised that if I wanted the situation to change, I could only control me, no I wasn't the one doing anything wrong, but I can still change my reaction. We haven't had a fight in about 5 years, I stopped responding, so he stopped trying because he knew that it was pointless.
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