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July 3rd, 2013, 11:55 PM
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I was in this position about 5 weeks ago. Posted it on here with some response with those who too had similar experiences.
I spent a LOT of time googling...

I spent time reading about different measurement techniques, ranges/standards.
Did you know, if you looked at a few different standards you'd probably find your LO was in the 50th percentile?

they care when theyre in the >2 percentile, 10th is nothing to worry about...
mine was in the 8th ish.
dr could feel bubs head today and could clearly tell it wasnt small
asymmetry is normal, growth spurts happen

im sure it will be fine.

At my 33 week scan, Our little ones head measuring 30.5weeks at 33 weeks. His legs measuring at 35 weeks.... before this time at 20 weeks he was on target.

Fact is. They do have growth spurts, some sonographers measure not so accurate either. I looked at my HC /BPD measurements and the elipse is supposed to be around the hard bone.. this sonographer literally had measurements for the HC that were like 5mm off. It makes a difference..
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