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July 3rd, 2013, 11:58 PM
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Rosie, my births were both different.

DD1 I was induced very early for pre-e, and I was on this freaking high dose of pitocin. Labor hurt so much! I got an epidural that worked for maybe 30 minutes, and it was completely worn off when the head was out. The pushing did not hurt me. I felt an ache, but the pressure and even snip was nothing. I didn't rip with her or anything.

DD2 I was induced 4 days early. I had contractions off and on since 20 weeks, and I was just so tired of pregnancy. It was rough. Hyperemesis, emergency surgery at 12 weeks, an inhaler, a heart monitor, 9 ER visits for fluids, emergency ambulance ride... I was DONE! And it really helped that I wanted a Valentine's baby. lol Anyway, elective induction, lowest level of pit. Regular contractions started immediately, and I asked for the epi so I never had to feel pain. They all failed, however this time labor did not hurt that much. They were like period cramps, and some of them were like the "bad" ones where you want to stay in bed. Pushing SUCKED. I had several tears, and I believe that's why it hurt so much. I would rather recover from surgery than have another pushing stage like that! lol

No tears with DD1, and her head was over 15". 3 tears everywhere except where the next OB stretched me, and DD2 came out with a 13.75" head. Maybe my first OB gave me that husband stitch? Sex had been slightly painful sometimes since I had DD1, and he was an older guy. I'm speculating, though.

As for the most painful thing ever, labor and childbirth isn't to me. I've had a gallbladder attack, and I can honestly say that hurts much much worse. I will give birth with no meds, rips and all, 10 times over if I never have to feel that pain again. I told DH as much right after my doctor caught the second one. "Wow, still not worse than the gallbladder attack."

You may have a wonderful labor and childbirth. It might be the best of both. Period like cramps that progress quickly, and then a baby that does not rip at all. There are ladies that have babies without any labor pain. I hope that's me next time! lol
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