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July 4th, 2013, 04:44 AM
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Before I start, I am not stressed. & although it's been a bit on my mind I am not freaking out. irregular periods Having sometimes 2 periods a month starting from the first then sometime in the middle. My last period was June 13 ending the 16th. Unprotected sex on the 23rd, although I'm not sure if I was ovulating this day or not but I'm almost sure I was June 26th. I've felt somewhat "off" recently. & a bit crampy & gassy. My boobs have been a little tender off and on & for the past two days I've had a metalic taste in my mouth?. July 2nd, I woke up to something like period cramps nothing to bad, & I was spotting not brown but more of a tan, a few hours later I noticed some slimy pink (I know gross sorry) so I figured I would start soon, the next evening I started spotting bright red, figuring AF had came I put in a tampon and went on. & few hours later I noticed barley anything on it when I took it out so I put on a panty liner, a few hours later I had completely stopped spotting, what do you think?
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