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July 4th, 2013, 06:44 AM
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I only got to know my mom's parents and we were very close. I saw them at least once a week and lived with them all summer while my parents worked. They lived on a full working farm and were a little on the old fashioned side but I loved it.

My grandma used a ringer washer and hung her laundry until the day she moved off the farm and cooked full meat and potato meals complete with a hot dessert every day. As a kid I loved following her around and learning to cook, bake and garden. Even after I was married I would call her at the nursing home with all my cooking or baking questions and she would talk me through it. Whenever mom or I were planting in the garden we'd go get her and park her wheelchair near the garden so she could help point out what grew well next to each other for a great garden each year.

My grandpa was always in the fields or with the horse. He let me follow him around a bit when I got older and taught me to drive a tractor, plow the fields and fix a combine. He always bought me treats when they went to "town" for groceries and since they didn't have TV he would put records on the big old record player to entertain me.

Man I miss those two.

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