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July 4th, 2013, 12:59 PM
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We plan to start TTC in August possibly September. I currently have an IUD. I want to try and keep the IUD as long as possible because we are going to be TTC for a boy in every possible way I can research. lol I am due to restart my cycle tomorrow so July is out. If I remove my IUD in mid July, after ovulation... would I be good to go for August? I don't have mirena, just the copper IUD.

Anyone know specifics? I heard you can get pregnant right away, but I'm wondering what others know. Should I get it removed ASAP and just use condoms for a month to two. Most likely I will not get it removed til after ovulation in July but I would like to TTC during my August cycle, rather than waiting another month. Does the IUD change anything?
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