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July 4th, 2013, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Angelgirl30 View Post
I did not breast feed my DD because I wasn't able to and I'm definitely not trying to push buttons when I give my own personal opinion on this matter. My sister is the type to just pop it out and feed on the spot with no cover and I personally get very embarrassed by this and feel that it can be rude. I understand that breast feeding is natural but it is something that should be done modistly in my opinion. I will either use a light blanket or a breast feeding cover. Or nurse in the car with AC. I feel that it puts parents to other children in an awkward situation when they see a breast feeding mother and start asking questions as all children do. Personally I just feel that I should not force my beliefs on other people and breast feeding in public kinda does imo because if the parents aren't ready to have that conversation yet it puts them in the position to be forced to do so.
I think the exact opposite. This is exactly why breastfeeding in public is so important. It helps to normalize breastfeed, so that kids growing up today get used to seeing it and then as adults will view it as the normal, natural, healthy process that it is, rather than something squeamish or wrong or embarrassing. This is especially important for young girls to see, because then they'll be more likely to choose to breastfeed themselves if and when they become mothers.

Society in general needs to start recognizing that breastfeeding is what breasts are FOR. They're not just meant to be sexual objects. If anything, that purpose is a distant second. First and foremost, they're supposed to feed babies -- that's why all mammals have them (which is what the word "mammal" comes from -- mammary).

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