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July 4th, 2013, 11:12 PM
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I so wish I could breast feed again, and I always did in public too. Unfortunately, with a double mastectomy, my last 4 children will never know that bond, nor how beautiful it is. My first 4 were EBF'd, and with that, came public obviously. Some family members hated it.......I could care less. I even had my sister (who never bf'd) tell me it made her husband uncomfortable because my baby was 2yrs old. I told her, who was my best friend, if I can't bf (in private in your home) then I will never come over again. They accepted it, not willingly, but I started to nurse in a bedroom or somewhere where the family was not all gathered. No one, including family, would decide when/where and how long I would nurse my kids.......except me.

I nursed in malls, parking lots, dr's office (while baby was getting shots, very soothing for them) anywhere that my baby called for it. I used a towl or blanket and it always worked out where no one saw my breast, ever. But I did have a few moments where I forgot to re-latch my nursing bra and bent over.....that was a sight for the whole world to see, lol....
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