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July 5th, 2013, 06:42 AM
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I know Terri would say it was really important.

I have noticed of late that when I skip the prayer/devotions I do and/or skip using aura sprays my day really doesn't go all that well.

I am also persevering with the pujas Terri recommended each time I take a bath, and am noticing a cumulative effect.

So at the moment I do prayers, devotions; use aura sprays; and get outside for fresh air and exercise at least once a day, as well as doing pujas regularly. I would really like to add a brief meditation to this, but I find it really hard to set aside time for that without my head still racing about everything else that needs to be done.

As I take a walk at least once a day I wondered whether a walking meditation would be better, though I do tend to "use" that time saying some affirmations in my head anyway.

What is your daily practice? Do you think it needs to be added to? Do you think it's important to be strict with yourself and do it daily?


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