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July 5th, 2013, 07:26 AM
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I will say something but I try to word it as nicely as possible. Something along the lines of "I know everyone used to start cereal at this age but a lot of research has shown it actually has a negative effect on baby and is a real choking hazard. I just don't want you to have to go through any negative outcomes from that and I would hate to hear your baby choked".

I say things to acquaintances a lot. Pedis around here are idiots who aren't researched on the latest at all. They still give the same advice they gave 30 years ago. I know multiple ladies who were told to start giving their 4 month old water, juice, cereal, etc. Nothing was explained to them about what criteria baby needs to meet first. I usually mention KellyMom to them.

I've had a few ladies stop what they were doing when they realized it wasn't the best and that their pedi wasnt god. Others continued what they were doing but at least I said something. I couldn't not say something and find out something bad happened.

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