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July 5th, 2013, 07:42 AM
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I don't introduce the mouse until late 3 or early 4. Luke may get 30 minutes a week on a touch screen device. His favorite thing to do is swipe through pictures on my phone. He could do that for hours. (Can anyone say EGO?). Anyway, at my school we have to have them proficient with a mouse by PK because some of our assessments are on the laptop, which has a mouse attached. I can say, from when I started this job 6 years ago, the amount of kids who knew how to use a mouse has dropped severely. I am teaching most of them how to move, click, and click and drag, but I am FINE with that. Even though this is my job (and passion) I don't believe kids should be in front of a computer screen. I actually prefer teaching them this skill. It means they haven't been exposed to a computer much.

But IF you are interested in teaching your child how to use a mouse, this is an excellent website. Evan learned the concept in 3 sessions (Luke won't use this website until next summer).

Headsprout: launch Mousing Around program

Here are some more resources if you'd like them!
Mouse Skill Resources for Pre-K at Internet 4 Classrooms
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