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July 5th, 2013, 07:57 AM
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Walking meditation is perfect for you, Sharron. <3

Daily practice is imperative for me. Though it's not always the same each day. My life, just like everyone's, gets in the way.

My ideal daily practice is:

In the shower, do a puja. And, imagine the water washing all the negativity in my energy away.
Meditate directly after.. bubbling for the day included.
On my drive to work, look at the world around me mindfully.
At work, take small breaks to walk outside and be in touch with nature.
In the evening, to journal and meditate. Fall asleep with my intentions.

However, sometimes, the meditation does not happen in the morning.. like this morning when Emerson is awake and needs my attention. I'll just meditate this evening for a bit longer. I was mindful on my drive to work this morning. I am right now doing some affirmations in my mind. It's all just choosing to be mindful of the Divine during the day somehow, each day.. however you can! Touching the space where we are connected to Spirit/Divine/God/Universe (whatever you like to call it) is something that is best when we do it every day!

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