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July 5th, 2013, 08:25 AM
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Hi ladies!! Happy 4th to you all. Hope your last week was great. We rolled into town last night after our week in Mexico. Everything was great - food, beach, alone time, disconnecting from life. It was wonderful, BUT...

I got the mother of all periods on Sunday evening, the third day of our vacation. Literally the heaviest period I've ever had. By Tuesday night, it was so heavy, I bled through a Super Plus tampon in 2 hours (and almost filled a pad) and had nausea-inducing cramps. I couldn't swim on Wednesday and snorkeling excursion we had planned wasn't possible. So it was kind of disappointing. The only plus was that on Wednesday and yesterday, when it was really heavy, it rained pretty much both days constantly so at least I got sunny days with no AF in the first half of vacation.

We got to BD on Saturday, but I think I was most disappointed that all of the cute nighties I had packed stayed packed :/ DH was a bit disappointed, but he was mostly relieved/glad that I got a solid AF and that my body was regulating. It totally figures though -- I have been praying to get my period, but of course the prayer was more like, "Dear Lord please let me get AF soon, but not during the trail race and definitely not during vacation." I don't think God listens to "but".

Usually after vacation I'm sad it's over. Don't get me wrong, I am dreading going back to work on Monday. But this time, I'm excited because we having baby-making to get to now that my body is starting to get back on track!! And I really missed my pups this time around.

I'll start up with temping again tomorrow morning. I'm considering getting a new thermometer, so I'll need to find that today.
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