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July 5th, 2013, 08:42 AM
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So I am really sour today, because my DD's grandmother was supposed to meet us halfway so we can get Aiyana (these plans were made like a month ago) yesterday we find out through Aiyana that her grandma said her car is broke down and she can't drive!!??? Ugh, I'm like REALLY?? When were we going to be notified?!?! I honestly think that was going to make me say that Aiyana can stay until the 12th...NOT my response was we will be there tomorrow (which is today) to get you!!! Even though its $$$ we have to spend that we had not planned on spending and that needs to be used elsewhere I'm going to get my baby! This is why she doesn't go there often her grandma doesn't know her place and will do things and disregard what the parents say or want!

Sorry for the vent!

What are your plans if you don't go to the shelter?

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